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Is your tourism business welcoming to everyone?

Accessibility for all

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Organising a trip is stressful enough and when you have accessibility needs its even harder. More customers than ever require extra equipment for their journey, make sure your accommodation has everything they need with LendoCare.

Our range of mobility products are available to rent online: www.lendocare.com

Is your tourism business welcoming to everyone?

We offer:

  • Accessibility aid rental to enhance your customer experience.
    Our rental products and packages are picked with travellers in mind. From high-end rollators to wheelchairs, we put customer needs first. Letting you focus on your business.
  • No added work for your staff, equipment is delivered in time for the visitor arrival.
    Our off-site service delivers equipment to your accommodation the day before arrival. Saving you on space and maintenance.
  • Digital solution, our API integration allows customers to easily add equipment rental to their room booking.
    With LendoCare’s digital integration there’s no need to manually manage order requests, letting you focus on what you do best!
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Our digitally driven approach

We make things easy, with a digital solution that doesn’t require any extra work for you or your team.

Letting customers select the products they need when booking their room, it’s easier than ever to add our services and maximise your customers’ experience.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive documentation
    Making the integration as seamless as possible with your booking system.
  • User interface design
    Our design team can provide mockups and suggestions on how to place the extra offering within your current booking journey.

It’s that simple to grow your customer base, with no cost for adding LendoCare to your customer experience, why not become an accessible friendly business?

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