How can I hire a wheelchair?

Find out how you can hire a wheelchair, what you should look out for and availability near you.

How to hire a wheelchair
  1. Enter your postcode to see which wheelchairs are available.
  2. Select your hire dates to seelive availabilityand final pricing then add your selection to basket.*
  3. Create an account or log in to complete the checkout. You can easily manage your order from your account.
*If you don't know your end date you can select the flexible hire option for no extra charge; you can end your hire whenever you're ready.
Wheelchair hire steps
How to pick the right wheelchair for you

Need to hire a wheelchair? LendoCare offers both manual and electric wheelchairs for short and long term hire.

We are constantly updating our products to meet the needs of our customers and provide comfortable, safe, and reliable wheelchairs. Some of our design alterations include adding attendant brakes to our manual wheelchairs to hep users safely navigate hilly terrain and also by adding puncture proof tyres to make our chairs more dependable and sturdy. We pride ourselves in our customer care and are the only company offering these design features.

Currently, we have two models for you to choose from. It is important that your wheelchair is right for and can meet your needs so we have listed the specifications below to help you make your choice. Should your needs or preferences change, hiring through LendoCare gives you the flexibility to hire a different type of wheelchair whenever.

LendoCare Lightweight Self Propelled Wheelchair
LendoCare Light Electric Wheelchair
The lightweight self propelled wheelchair is an excellent choice for those needing aid but still have some mobility. At 16kg, it is easily loaded into the car for quick trips or appointments and its robust nature allows for long term everyday use. Without the need for battery charging, users can maintain spontaneity in their daily life and social plans. It’s foldable design also makes it great as a stored-away back-up for days when you are unable to walk or move around as easily as usual.
  • Lightweight
  • Does not require batteries or charging
  • Elevated leg rests are available for both the left and right legs as accessories
  • Attendant brakes
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • May require assistance to push
  • Tiring for long distances
Suggested for
  • Short distances ie around the home or local area and on even terrain
  • Injuries that require an elevated leg
  • Chronic illnesses that vary your mobility day to day
LendoCare Light Electric Wheelchair
Lendocare lightweight aluminium  wheelchair
The light electric wheelchair is perfect for those who travel outside of their local area on a daily basis and have difficulty pushing themselves in a manual wheelchair. With its sleek and modern design, it is lightweight and foldable for ease of use and added style. This wheelchair features usb charging ports and it’s own battery provides a long range of reliable travel. A great relaxed and independent option for those with greater mobility needs as it can manoeuvre around tight spaces and across various surfaces and terrains.
  • Quick and simple folding
  • User friendly
  • 14.3 miles range on a single charge
  • Under seat storage
  • 150kg max weight capacity
  • Requires charging
  • 28.4kg total product weight
Suggested for
  • Long distances
  • Those who have difficulty with self propulsion
  • Longer term and greater difficulty with mobility
How to check wheelchair hire availability near you
Lendocare postcode search and wheelchair hire date selection

At LendoCare, we ship nationwide. You can check the availability of a product by entering your postcode on the product page and clicking the check live availability button. This will show you if the product is available at your location. This also allows you to choose your delivery and return date.

After you place your order, you will receive an email confirming your order. Two days before your hire period ends, you will receive an email reminder about your return. This will include an option to extend your hire period.

What else do we offer?
  • Wheelchair hire on a weekly and monthly billing basis.
  • Delivery and collection Monday-Saturday*. Check website for pricing.
    *Collection not available on Saturdays
  • Flexible hire periods. Go to your online account to easily extend if you need to. We also give customers the option to leave the end date empty and return the wheelchair when they need to for no extra cost. Customers will only pay for the period of hire.
  • Real time availability allows customers to book with confidence.
  • Replacement service provided if you have any issues free of charge.
  • Professional servicing and cleanliness standards.
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