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Discover Bournemouth

Bournemouth Pier

Bournemouth Pier

Intro: Bournemouth Pier is an iconic seaside attraction, stretching into the waters of the English Channel. With panoramic views, vibrant entertainment, and seaside activities, it offers a quintessential coastal experience for visitors to enjoy.

Accessibility features: The pier itself is flat and is accessible to wheelchair and mobility scooter users. The main attractions are ground level and can be accessed via a ramp. On the east side of the pier, guests will find a disabled toilet.

An important note: the cafe is only accessible by steps.


Upside Down House

Upside Down House

Intro: This whimsical attraction allows visitors to experience the world from an inverted perspective. Visitors defy gravity as they explore the topsy-turvy rooms and snap optical illusion photos in this playful and surreal environment.

Accessibility features: The house features a temporary ramp allowing wheelchair users partial access to the ground floor. This includes areas created for guests to take funny optical illusion photos.

An important note: the house is set over two floors with a spiral staircase connecting them. There is no ramp or lift so the second floor is not accessible for wheelchair users. The main entrance is also very narrow.

For exact dimensions and more information, please visit the website


Bournemouth Parks - Lower Gardens

Bournemouth Parks - Lower Gardens

Intro: A serene retreat amidst the bustling city, offering lush greenery, colourful floral displays, and tranquil pathways for leisurely strolls. With its charming bridges, historic landmarks, and scenic beauty, it's the perfect escape for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature's embrace.

Accessibility features: The entirety of the Lower Gardens park is accessible to wheelchair users with wide, level paths throughout the park. The gardens are built on varying degrees of slope so you may find some steep inclines in certain parts.




Intro: Oceanarium invites visitors to embark on an underwater journey into the mesmerising world of marine life. Captivating exhibits showcase creatures from the depths of the ocean. Oceanarium blends both education and entertainment, making it a fascinating destination for all visitors.

Accessibility features: Oceanarium is set over two floors with a public lift connecting them. Displays are located along wide hallways allowing for easy wheelchair access. Oceanarium does have steps in certain locations however, alternative routes are marked out for guests. Guests can find disabled toilets on the ground floor.


Hengistbury Head

Hengistbury Head

Intro: Hengistbury Head is a stunning nature reserve boasting panoramic views of both the English Channel and the Isle of Wight. With its diverse habitats, archaeological sites, and scenic walking trails, it offers a captivating outdoor adventure for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Accessibility features: The Visitor Centre is fully accessible to wheelchair users and has a lift to the first floor and a disabled toilet on site. The nature reserve has put in a lot of effort to make most of the site accessible to wheelchair users including adding comfortable paths. It is advised that visitors ask Rangers for the best routes and directions on the day, as the weather will impact trail conditions. It is possible, though, for wheelchair users to reach the top of the headland.


Who can benefit?

From our wheelchair hire service.

At LendoCare our wheelchair hire service in Bournemouth is dedicated to addressing the limited availability of quality services for individuals with diverse mobility needs. Whether you're an elderly person facing mobility challenges, a tourist exploring Bournemouth, or someone with temporary mobility issues due to injury or surgery, we've got you covered. LendoCare has the most affordable wheelchair hire in Bournemouth with great service from our team and our delivery drivers. We will be available to answer any questions throughout your rental period.

Elderly Individuals

We recognize the unique mobility requirements of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Our commitment is to offer premium wheelchair services that are user-friendly and of top quality. With our convenient wheelchair delivery service, accessibility is made simple.

Temporary Mobility Needs

In times of temporary mobility constraints, such as recovery from injury or surgery, our lightweight folding wheelchairs and rental mobility aids are the perfect solution. Delivered directly to you in Bournemouth, our flexible rental options facilitate the recovery process, ensuring ease and convenience with door-to-door delivery.

Tourists and Visitors to Bournemouth

Experience Bournemouth like never before with LendoCare's wheelchair hire services tailored for tourists. Our lightweight wheelchairs are delivered to your hotel and collected at the end of your stay, enhancing your exploration of the city's attractions. With deliveries spanning Greater Bournemouth, Central Bournemouth, and the City of Bournemouth, accessibility is assured wherever you stay.

For some great wheelchair accessible tourism hotspots check out our guides below.

Our mission is to alleviate mobility barriers, allowing you to focus on enjoying the sights of Bournemouth. Rent a wheelchair nearby and transform your trip into a comfortable and memorable experience. Count on LendoCare as your dependable partner, ensuring you navigate the city with ease on wheels.

Book online or contact us if you have any questions. Please call us or email if there's anything else we can help you with.

Bournemouth guide

Your Bournemouth guide

Along the stunning shores of the English Channel, travellers will find a delightful coastal gem enchanting visitors with its blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and leisurely charm. Bournemouth is renowned for its award-winning golden beaches which stretch for miles along the Dorset coastline. Beyond its sandy shores, Bournemouth boasts a rich collection of attractions, including the iconic Bournemouth Pier, where fun-filled amusements and breathtaking sea views await. The city's lush gardens, such as the picturesque Lower Gardens and the exotic Alum Chine Tropical Gardens, provide tranquil respites from the urban bustle and offer a haven for relaxation and exploration. Moreover, The city's lively arts scene, encompassing theatres, galleries, and festivals, ensures a vibrant cultural experience for visitors. With its array of outdoor activities, vibrant nightlife, and welcoming atmosphere, Bournemouth beckons tourists to indulge in its coastal delights and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Still not sold on a trip to Bournemouth? Here are three reasons why Bournemouth is a must-see:

  1. Blue Flag Beaches - Bournemouth boasts some of the best beaches in the UK, consistently earning Blue Flag status for their cleanliness and water quality.
  2. Jurassic Coast - Bournemouth is situated close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Jurassic Coast, renowned for its geological significance and fossil-rich cliffs dating back millions of years. city.
  3. Bournemouth Air Festival - The Bournemouth Air Festival is one of the largest free airshows in Europe, attracting thousands of visitors each year to watch spectacular aerial displays over the coastline.

Bournemouth transport


Bournemouth Train Station is the main and only train station in the city. It connects passengers to London Waterloo in just under two hours. It has level access to all train platforms and ramps to transition between platforms and trains smoothly. Unfortunately, this station does not have a disabled toilet.

For more information including departure and arrival routes, follow the link to the website https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/bournemouth.

Whilst the train station does not have accessible taxis waiting for pick-up many taxi companies in the city have accessible vehicles. By contacting the companies directly, you can arrange for collection and pick-up during your visit. We would recommend:

  1. PRC Streamline Taxi - 01202 373737
  2. United Taxis - 01202 556677

Buses are also a travel option for wheelchair users staying in Bournemouth. Yellow Buses and Morebus have ramp access and wheelchair accessibility. You can visit either www.yellowbuses.co.uk or www.morebus.co.uk for more information and contact details. .

Bournemouth Beach is a desirable location for visitors but beach surfaces can be difficult terrains for wheelchair users. For this reason, you can loan beach wheelchairs with balloon tyres from the beach office on Bournemouth Undercliff Drive. There are two available to the public and can be loaned any time from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm from May through to September. Please be aware that these are loaned out on a first come first served basis and a refundable £50 cash deposit is required.

From April until October, there are also cliff lifts allowing for easy access to the stunning cliffs. For more information about the West Cliff Lift or the Fisherman's Walk Cliff Lift please call the Tourist Information Centre on 01202 123800.

For further contact details and a comprehensive accessibility guide to Bournemouth please refer to the website https://www.bournemouth.co.uk/visitor-information/accessibility-guide.

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Wheelchair We Offer

Why choose LendoCare?

Hire a wheelchair in Bournemouth - Mobility wherever you need it.

LendoCare stands out as the premier choice for mobility equipment hire in Bournemouth. Offering flexible short-term and affordable long-term options, we cater to everyone's needs without imposing a minimum hire duration. Our dedication to exceptional customer service ensures a seamless online booking process, making it effortless for you to access our services.

Our wheelchair rental rates in Bournemouth are exceptionally competitive at just £20 per week, supplemented by a £29.99 next-day delivery fee (various delivery options available). This comprehensive fee covers both delivery and collection to and from any address or hotel within Bournemouth. Additionally, we extend our services nationwide, ensuring wheelchair delivery wherever you may be across the UK. We offer a fleet of lightweight foldable manual wheelchairs maintained in top condition for your comfort and ease of use. Complemented by accessories like leg raiser attachments and pillows, we strive to enhance your rental experience to the fullest.

Convenient and Flexible Rental Options

Convenience and flexibility are at the core of our rental offerings. Our user-friendly online booking system empowers you to schedule deliveries at your convenience, with no concerns about availability. Simply select your desired delivery date, and our system takes care of the rest, ensuring your wheelchair is ready for use upon your arrival. Should you be uncertain about your rental period, simply leave the end date open, and inform us when you're ready to conclude your rental.

At LendoCare, we prioritize affordability without compromising quality. Our commitment is to provide you with reliable, top-notch wheelchairs at unbeatable prices, ensuring mobility and freedom without financial strain. Whatever your requirements, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.