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Discover Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

Intro: Renowned for its stunning Gothic architecture and rich religious heritage, Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and most significant Christian sites in England. A magnificent medieval masterpiece, it attracts visitors from around the world to marvel at its intricate stone carvings, historic tombs, and sacred atmosphere.

Accessibility features: Canterbury Cathedral is a medieval building making its flooring old and uneven. Despite this, many of the areas within the Cathedral are accessible and free loan wheelchairs are also available from the visitor centre. Areas that are inaccessible feature screens at wheelchair height, allowing for a virtual visit through text and images. There are lifts and ramps in certain parts of the Cathedral to allow for step-free access.


Canterbury Roman Museum

Canterbury Roman Museum

Intro: The Canterbury Roman Museum offers a captivating journey into the ancient past, showcasing artefacts and exhibits from Roman Britain. Visitors can explore well-preserved ruins, marvel at archaeological discoveries, and learn about daily life in the Roman city of Durovernum Cantiacorum, providing a fascinating insight into Canterbury's history.

Accessibility features: The museum is wheelchair accessible. The main displays are all located on main displays and a lift will bring visitors to it from the main entrance.
Should you wish to contact the museum directly for details regarding specific access requirements, please visit the website.


St. Augustine’s Abbey

St. Augustine’s Abbey

Intro: St. Augustine's Abbey is a historic UNESCO World Heritage Site, serving as a poignant reminder of England's Christian heritage. With its ancient ruins, serene atmosphere, and significant role in shaping the country's religious history, it offers visitors a tranquil retreat and an opportunity to explore the legacy of St. Augustine's mission to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.

Accessibility features: St. Augustine’s Abbey is a historic site, meaning it’s old build may be difficult to traverse with a wheelchair, though still mostly accessible. Much of the site is located on grass however, there are some gravel pathways. Staff at the Abbey advise manual wheelchair users to bring a companion to help them navigate these varying and rough terrains. There is a disabled toilet located on site.
An important note: the crypt, the Campanile mound, and the cloister can only be accessed via steps.


The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge

The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge

Intro: This vibrant cultural institution houses a diverse range of art, artefacts, and educational exhibits. From contemporary art to historical treasures, visitors can explore the heritage and intellectual pursuits of Canterbury within its engaging galleries and interactive spaces.

Accessibility features: Disabled toilets and full lift access can be found at Beaney House. It is advised that guests with limited mobility enter via the Best Lane entrance as this is step-free and features a platform lift.


Who can benefit?

From our wheelchair hire service.

At LendoCare our wheelchair hire service in Canterbury is dedicated to addressing the limited availability of quality services for individuals with diverse mobility needs. Whether you're an elderly person facing mobility challenges, a tourist exploring Canterbury, or someone with temporary mobility issues due to injury or surgery, we've got you covered. LendoCare has the most affordable wheelchair hire in Canterbury with great service from our team and our delivery drivers. We will be available to answer any questions throughout your rental period.

Temporary Mobility Needs

In times of temporary mobility constraints, such as recovery from injury or surgery, our lightweight folding wheelchairs and rental mobility aids are the perfect solution. Delivered directly to you in Canterbury, our flexible rental options facilitate the recovery process, ensuring ease and convenience with door-to-door delivery.

Elderly Individuals

We recognize the unique mobility requirements of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Our commitment is to offer premium wheelchair services that are user-friendly and of top quality. With our convenient wheelchair delivery service, accessibility is made simple.

Tourists and Visitors to Canterbury

Experience Canterbury like never before with LendoCare's wheelchair hire services tailored for tourists. Our lightweight wheelchairs are delivered to your hotel and collected at the end of your stay, enhancing your exploration of the city's attractions. With deliveries spanning Greater Canterbury, Central Canterbury, and the City of Canterbury, accessibility is assured wherever you stay.

For some great wheelchair accessible tourism hotspots check out our guides below.

Our mission is to alleviate mobility barriers, allowing you to focus on enjoying the sights of Canterbury. Rent a wheelchair nearby and transform your trip into a comfortable and memorable experience. Count on LendoCare as your dependable partner, ensuring you navigate the city with ease on wheels.

Book online or contact us if you have any questions. Please call us or email if there's anything else we can help you with.

Canterbury guide

Your Canterbury guide

Amidst the serene landscapes of Kent's countryside, Canterbury beckons travellers with its rich historical legacy. As a revered spiritual hub, the city is anchored by the majestic Canterbury Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site symbolising medieval splendour and profound religious significance. Beyond its religious prominence, Canterbury charms visitors with its quaint medieval architecture, meandering riverbanks, and picturesque cobblestone streets, inviting exploration through centuries of captivating history and culture. The city's vibrant cultural scene, featuring art galleries, theatres, and live music venues, ensures a lively atmosphere throughout the year, while its bustling markets and artisanal shops offer endless opportunities for delightful discoveries. Moreover, Canterbury's idyllic surroundings, including the tranquil River Stour and scenic countryside, provide a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking relaxation and rejuvenation amidst natural beauty. With its timeless charm and warm hospitality, Canterbury promises an unforgettable journey for travellers seeking to immerse themselves in the magical ambiance of this historic city.

Canterbury is beloved by many! Here are three reasons why:

  1. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - Canterbury is famously associated with Geoffrey Chaucer's literary masterpiece, “The Canterbury Tales.’ The collection of stories, written in the late 14th century, centres around a group of pilgrims as they journey to the shrine of Thomas Becket located in Canterbury Cathedral.
  2. Thomas Becket - Canterbury Cathedral is also known for its association with Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury who was murdered in the cathedral in 1170. His shrine became a major pilgrimage site, and his martyrdom has been immortalised in literature, art, and film.
  3. Canterbury Punting - Similar to Cambridge, punting on the River Stour is a popular activity in Canterbury. Visitors can hire punts and glide along the tranquil river, enjoying views of the city's historic buildings and lush greenery.
Canterbury transport


Canterbury features two train stations. Canterbury East and Canterbury West.

Both train stations have step-free access to all platforms and lifts to change between them. Ramps are available for easy transfer between platforms and trains. It is advised you notify a member of staff before your train arrives so they can organise a ramp for you. Disabled toilets can be found at both stations and accessible taxis can be hailed from the taxi stand outside either station.

Canterbury East and Canterbury West are operated by South Eastern Railway. Canterbury East connects passengers to London Victoria and Dover. Canterbury West connects passengers to London St Pancras, London Charing Cross, Margate, and Ramsgate. Which station you use will depend on your travelling destination. For more information, please visit the website for each station.
Canterbury East:https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/travel-information/more-travel-help/station-information/stations/canterbury-east.
Canterbury West:https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/travel-information/more-travel-help/station-information/stations/canterbury-west.

If you plan on booking a taxi at any point during your stay, the following taxi companies provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles:

  • Canterbury Galaxy Taxis

    Call 01227 450 150

  • Canterbury Sky Taxis

    Call 07846 462727

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Wheelchair We Offer

Why choose LendoCare?

Hire a wheelchair in Canterbury - Mobility wherever you need it.

LendoCare stands out as the premier choice for mobility equipment hire in Canterbury. Offering flexible short-term and affordable long-term options, we cater to everyone's needs without imposing a minimum hire duration. Our dedication to exceptional customer service ensures a seamless online booking process, making it effortless for you to access our services.

Our wheelchair rental rates in Canterbury are exceptionally competitive at just £20 per week, supplemented by a £29.99 next-day delivery fee (various delivery options available). This fee covers both delivery and collection to and from any address or hotel within Canterbury. Additionally, we extend our services nationwide, ensuring wheelchair delivery wherever you may be across the UK. We offer a fleet of lightweight foldable manual wheelchairs maintained in top condition for your comfort and ease of use. Complemented by accessories like leg raiser attachments and pillows, we strive to enhance your rental experience to the fullest.

Convenient and Flexible Rental Options

Convenience and flexibility are at the core of our rental offerings. Our user-friendly online booking system empowers you to schedule deliveries at your convenience, with no concerns about availability. Simply select your desired delivery date, and our system takes care of the rest, ensuring your wheelchair is ready for use upon your arrival. Should you be uncertain about your rental period, simply leave the end date open, and inform us when you're ready to conclude your rental.

At LendoCare, we prioritize affordability without compromising quality. Our commitment is to provide you with reliable, top-notch wheelchairs at unbeatable prices, ensuring mobility and freedom without financial strain. Whatever your requirements, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.