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Discover Coventry

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Intro: The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum offers visitors a rich and immersive experience, showcasing an extensive collection of artworks, archaeological finds, and local history exhibits. With interactive displays, educational programs, and temporary exhibitions, visitors can delve into the city's diverse cultural heritage and artistic contributions, making it a vibrant cultural destination in the heart of Coventry.

Accessibility features: Wheelchair users will find the gallery accessible with a level ground-floor entrance and lift access to all floors. Guests will also find wheelchair accessible toilets on the first and ground floors.


Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral

Intro: Coventry Cathedral and its ruins stand as powerful symbols of resilience and reconciliation, bearing witness to the city's wartime devastation during World War II. Visitors can explore the modern cathedral's striking architecture and reflect on the poignant remains of the old cathedral, experiencing a profound journey of remembrance and hope amidst Coventry's history.

Accessibility features: An accessible toilet is located on site and can be accessed by ramp. The Cathedral is accessible for wheelchair users and ramps are in place as alternatives to stairs. Guests looking for level access to the Ruins should enter via Bayley Lane.

An important note: the Cathedral and its ruins are old, historic sites. The flooring is mixed between paving and cobblestone and this can limit mobility especially when wet.


The Coventry Music Museum

The Coventry Music Museum

Intro: The Coventry Music Museum celebrates the city's vibrant musical heritage, showcasing its influential role in shaping British music culture. From the ska and 2 tone movements to iconic bands like The Specials and The Selecter, visitors can immerse themselves in the sounds and stories that have left an indelible mark on the global music scene.

Accessibility features: Whilst the museum is accessible to wheelchair users, most of the exhibits are located on the first floor and this can only be accessed via stair-climber or stairs. If you plan on visiting the museum with a wheelchair, the museum asks that you contact them 24 hours in advance so they can prepare the stair-climber for you.


Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry Transport Museum

Intro: This museum is a captivating showcase of the city's automotive history, featuring an extensive collection of vehicles and exhibits spanning centuries of innovation. From vintage cars and bicycles to modern prototypes, visitors can explore the evolution of transportation and delve into the stories of the people and machines that have shaped Coventry's automotive legacy.

Accessibility features: Wheelchair users will have access to the majority of the museum however, may need to ask for assistance from staff to access the Model World exhibit. There are accessible toilets on the ground- and first-floors and lifts will bring guests to all floors. A few wheelchairs are available for visitors to loan during their stay however these are on a first-come, first-served basis so it is best to request one in advance.


Who can benefit?

From our wheelchair hire service.

At LendoCare our wheelchair hire service in Coventry is dedicated to addressing the limited availability of quality services for individuals with diverse mobility needs. Whether you're an elderly person facing mobility challenges, a tourist exploring Coventry, or someone with temporary mobility issues due to injury or surgery, we've got you covered. LendoCare has the most affordable wheelchair hire in Coventry with great service from our team and our delivery drivers. We will be available to answer any questions throughout your rental period.

Temporary Mobility Needs

In times of temporary mobility constraints, such as recovery from injury or surgery, our lightweight folding wheelchairs and rental mobility aids are the perfect solution. Delivered directly to you in Coventry, our flexible rental options facilitate the recovery process, ensuring ease and convenience with door-to-door delivery.

Elderly Individuals

We recognize the unique mobility requirements of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Our commitment is to offer premium wheelchair services that are user-friendly and of top quality. With our convenient wheelchair delivery service, accessibility is made simple.

Tourists and Visitors to Coventry

Experience Coventry like never before with LendoCare's wheelchair hire services tailored for tourists. Our lightweight wheelchairs are delivered to your hotel and collected at the end of your stay, enhancing your exploration of the city's attractions. With deliveries spanning Greater Coventry, Central Coventry, and the City of Coventry, accessibility is assured wherever you stay.

For some great wheelchair accessible tourism hotspots check out our guides below.

Our mission is to alleviate mobility barriers, allowing you to focus on enjoying the sights of Coventry. Rent a wheelchair nearby and transform your trip into a comfortable and memorable experience. Count on LendoCare as your dependable partner, ensuring you navigate the city with ease on wheels.

Book online or contact us if you have any questions. Please call us or email if there's anything else we can help you with.

Coventry guide

Your Coventry guide

Situated in the heart of England, Coventry stands as a vibrant and dynamic city, enticing tourists with its rich history, cultural diversity, and innovative spirit. Renowned for its significant contributions to the country's industrial heritage and its enduring resilience in the face of adversity, Coventry offers visitors a captivating journey through time. From the majestic ruins of Coventry Cathedral, a poignant symbol of peace and reconciliation, to the medieval charm of its historic buildings and streets, the city's architectural landscape is a testament to its enduring legacy. Additionally, Coventry's thriving arts scene, buzzing markets, and eclectic dining options reflect its vibrant multicultural community and provide ample opportunities for exploration and discovery. With its welcoming atmosphere, fascinating attractions, and warm hospitality, Coventry promises an enriching and unforgettable experience for tourists eager to delve into the unique tapestry of history, culture, and innovation that defines this remarkable city.

Planning a getaway soon? Here are three reasons why Coventry should be your next destination:

  1. Blitz Bombing - Coventry suffered devastating bombing raids during World War II, destroying much of the city's historic architecture. The ruins of Coventry Cathedral, which was bombed during the Blitz, serve as a powerful reminder of the city's wartime experience.
  2. Godiva Festival - The Godiva Festival is an annual music festival held in Coventry's War Memorial Park. It is one of the largest free music festivals in the UK and features performances by both established and up-and-coming artists across multiple stages.
  3. Medieval History - Coventry has a rich medieval history and was once one of the most important cities in England. It was a thriving centre of trade and industry during the Middle Ages and played a significant role in the development of the wool trade.

Coventry transport


There is one main train station in Coventry which will connect travellers to London Euston, Manchester Piccadilly, Birmingham New Street, and Southampton Central.

Coventry train station is fully staffed and runs the Passenger Assist scheme, offering assistance on journeys up to two hours in advance of your trip. The station and all platforms have step-free access and there is a disabled toilet on site though this requires a radar key. Please speak to staff for assistance with this. For more information on accessibility features, including a link to sign up for Passenger Assist, please follow the link to the website

NX Buses, which operate throughout the city, have wheelchair spaces allowing trips by bus to be completely wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair users are given priority for this space however, only one wheelchair user is able to board the bus at one time due to limited spacing.

Coventry Council recommend the following companies for wheelchair accessible taxis:

  1. Central Taxis
    Call 0247 633 3333 or visit https://centraltaxiswestmidlands.co.uk/
  2. Allens Taxis
    Call 0247 655 5555 or visit https://allenstaxis.com/
  3. Lewis Taxis
    Call 0247 666 6666 or visit https://www.lewistaxis.co.uk/
Blackpool hotels


To ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible, we recommend you stay at a hotel that is fully accessible, with rooms that have been designed for wheelchair access. We have listed three awesome hotels below that we think you’ll love!

Telegraph Hotel ⭑⭑⭑⭑ prices from £103* per night
This hotel offers fully accessible ‘freedom’ rooms. These are double or single bed rooms with accessible roll-in ensuites. To read more about the accessibility features of this hotel please visit the website. This will also allow you to book a stay directly. Alternatively, you can call 024 752 62885 for more information

Ibis Coventry Centre ⭑⭑⭑⭑ prices from £66* per night
This budget friendly option does not compromise on comfort. This hotel is accessible to wheelchair users having lift access to all floors and five rooms dedicated to wheelchair users and reduced mobility guests. You can call 020 654 5730 or visit the hotel's website for further details and to book.

Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Coventry ⭑⭑⭑⭑ prices from £91* per night
A luxurious option, the Ramada Hotel offers accessible rooms each with an ensuite wet room inclusive of an accessible shower. Rooms also feature grab rails and assistance available 24 hours, should this be necessary. You can book via the website or you can call 024 762 38110 to find out more

*prices correct 19.03.24 on booking.com

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Wheelchair We Offer

Why choose LendoCare?

Hire a wheelchair in Coventry - Mobility wherever you need it.

LendoCare stands out as the premier choice for mobility equipment hire in Coventry. Offering flexible short-term and affordable long-term options, we cater to everyone's needs without imposing a minimum hire duration. Our dedication to exceptional customer service ensures a seamless online booking process, making it effortless for you to access our services.

Our wheelchair rental rates in Coventry are exceptionally competitive at just £20 per week, supplemented by a £29.99 next-day delivery fee (various delivery options available). This comprehensive fee covers both delivery and collection to and from any address or hotel within Coventry. Additionally, we extend our services nationwide, ensuring wheelchair delivery wherever you may be across the UK. We offer a fleet of lightweight foldable manual wheelchairs maintained in top condition for your comfort and ease of use. Complemented by accessories like leg raiser attachments and pillows, we strive to enhance your rental experience to the fullest.

Convenient and Flexible Rental Options

Convenience and flexibility are at the core of our rental offerings. Our user-friendly online booking system empowers you to schedule deliveries at your convenience, with no concerns about availability. Simply select your desired delivery date, and our system takes care of the rest, ensuring your wheelchair is ready for use upon your arrival. Should you be uncertain about your rental period, simply leave the end date open, and inform us when you're ready to conclude your rental.

At LendoCare, we prioritize affordability without compromising quality. Our commitment is to provide you with reliable, top-notch wheelchairs at unbeatable prices, ensuring mobility and freedom without financial strain. Whatever your requirements, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.