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wheelchair hire Durham
Who can benefit?

From our wheelchair hire service.

At LendoCare our wheelchair hire service in Durham is dedicated to addressing the limited availability of quality services for individuals with diverse mobility needs. Whether you're an elderly person facing mobility challenges, a tourist exploring Durham, or someone with temporary mobility issues due to injury or surgery, we've got you covered. LendoCare has the most affordable wheelchair hire in Durham with great service from our team and our delivery drivers. We will be available to answer any questions throughout your rental period.

Elderly Individuals

We recognize the unique mobility requirements of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Our commitment is to offer premium wheelchair services that are user-friendly and of top quality. With our convenient wheelchair delivery service, accessibility is made simple.

Temporary Mobility Needs

In times of temporary mobility constraints, such as recovery from injury or surgery, our lightweight folding wheelchairs and rental mobility aids are the perfect solution. Delivered directly to you in Durham, our flexible rental options facilitate the recovery process, ensuring ease and convenience with door-to-door delivery.

Tourists and Visitors to Durham

Experience Durham like never before with LendoCare's wheelchair hire services tailored for tourists. Our lightweight wheelchairs are delivered to your hotel and collected at the end of your stay, enhancing your exploration of the city's attractions. With deliveries spanning Greater Durham, Central Durham, and the City of Durham, accessibility is assured wherever you stay.

For some great wheelchair accessible tourism hotspots check out our guides below.

Our mission is to alleviate mobility barriers, allowing you to focus on enjoying the sights of Durham. Rent a wheelchair nearby and transform your trip into a comfortable and memorable experience. Count on LendoCare as your dependable partner, ensuring you navigate the city with ease on wheels.

Book online or contact us if you have any questions. Please call us or email if there's anything else we can help you with.

Why choose LendoCare?

Hire a wheelchair in Durham - Mobility wherever you need it.

LendoCare stands out as the premier choice for mobility equipment hire in Durham. Offering flexible short-term and affordable long-term options, we cater to everyone's needs without imposing a minimum hire duration. Our dedication to exceptional customer service ensures a seamless online booking process, making it effortless for you to access our services.

Our competitive rates start at just £20 per week, with a £29.99 next-day delivery fee that covers both delivery and collection to any address or hotel in Durham. We also offer nationwide delivery across the UK. Our fleet of well-maintained, lightweight foldable manual wheelchairs comes with accessories like leg raiser attachments and pillows for your comfort.

Convenient and Flexible Rental Options

Convenience and flexibility are at the core of our rental offerings. Our user-friendly online booking system empowers you to schedule deliveries at your convenience, with no concerns about availability. Simply select your desired delivery date, and our system takes care of the rest, ensuring your wheelchair is ready for use upon your arrival. Should you be uncertain about your rental period, simply leave the end date open, and inform us when you're ready to conclude your rental.

Convenience and flexibility are key at LendoCare. You can easily schedule deliveries through our user-friendly online system, with no concerns about availability. Simply select your desired delivery date and leave the end date open if you're unsure. We prioritize affordability without compromising quality, offering reliable wheelchairs at unbeatable prices. Our team is always happy to assist you throughout your rental experience.