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Discover Bristol

Blue Reef Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium

Intro: Journey through the wonders of the ocean alongside immersive exhibits and interactive displays at Blue Reef Aquarium. With its diverse marine life, educational presentations, and hands-on experiences, it offers an enchanting journey into the depths of the underwater world right on the scenic shores of Portsmouth.

Accessibility features: The aquarium has step-free or ramped access throughout its displays. There are viewing platforms and a lift which will take guests to the first floor, cafe, and shop. Disabled toilets are located on the ground floor. Whilst the majority of displays are accessible, the nursery tanks are inaccessible for wheelchair users.


South Parade Pier

South Parade Pier

Intro: This historic seaside landmark offers entertainment, stunning views, and family-friendly attractions. It is home to classic arcades, amusement rides, and a scenic promenade, making it the perfect destination for a fun-filled day by the sea on the picturesque coastline of Portsmouth.

Accessibility features: South Side Pier is accessible for wheelchair users and is a ground-level pier. Venues have step-free and level access however, some food trucks may not offer wheelchair-level counters. There is a disabled toilet located on the pier.


HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior

Intro: HMS Warrior is a majestic Victorian warship that stands as a symbol of Britain's naval power during the 19th century. Visitors can explore its historic decks, discover life aboard a battleship, and learn about its pivotal role in maritime history, offering a fascinating glimpse into Britain's naval history.

Accessibility features: HMS Warrior is accessible via ramp. The ramp’s gradient changes with the tide as the boat is still afloat. It is advised that guests check timings for low tide before visiting as this will ensure the ramp is the least steep and HMS Warrior the easiest to access.
As this is an old boat, there are limitations to its remodelling and accessibility. There are steps throughout with some slippery flooring however, an accessible route has been marked out which includes a stairlift between the upper deck and the main gun deck. Accessible toilets can be found in the Mary Rose Museum or in the National Museum of the Royal Navy (also located in the Historic Dockyard).


The Mary Rose Museum

The Mary Rose Museum

Intro: The Mary Rose Museum offers a captivating journey back in time to the 16th century, where visitors can explore the remains of Henry VIII's flagship. With its immersive exhibits, artefacts, and interactive displays, it provides a fascinating insight into Tudor maritime history and the dramatic story of the Mary Rose.

Accessibility features: The museum is accessible to wheelchair users however, the floors can be uneven as they are set in historic buildings. A disabled toilet and lifts are located on-site. Wheelchairs can be loaned for the duration of your visit.


The National Museum of the Royal Navy

The National Museum of the Royal Navy

Intro: This comprehensive showcase of Britain's naval history spans centuries of maritime achievements and conflicts. From historic warships to interactive exhibits, visitors can delve into the rich heritage of the Royal Navy and gain a deeper understanding of its impact on global events.

Accessibility features: Though accessible to wheelchair users, the historic nature of the building may cause uneven flooring and difficulty in access. Disabled toilets are located inside the museum and friendly staff members will be on-hand to assist you during your visit.


Who can benefit?

From our wheelchair hire service.

At LendoCare, we understand that navigating the world can become more challenging with limited mobility. That's why we're dedicated to providing a comprehensive wheelchair rental service in Portsmouth, empowering individuals of all backgrounds and needs to experience the city's vibrant offerings.
Whether you're a senior seeking independence and ease of movement, a visitor eager to explore Portsmouth's historical landmarks and cultural treasures, or someone facing temporary mobility limitations due to injury or surgery, we have you covered.

Here's what sets LendoCare apart

  • Unmatched Affordability: We offer the most competitive wheelchair rental rates in Portsmouth, ensuring accessibility doesn't come at a premium.
  • Diverse Selection: We provide a wide range of wheelchairs to accommodate various needs and preferences, from user-friendly standard models for seniors to lightweight, folding options ideal for temporary use.
  • Seamless Convenience: Enjoy door-to-door delivery and collection services. This eliminates the hassle of transportation and allows you to focus on enjoying your experience.
  • Dedicated Support: Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to answer your questions, offer guidance, and ensure a smooth rental process.

Elderly Individuals

We understand the importance of maintaining an active and independent lifestyle. Our senior-friendly wheelchairs are designed for ease of use, comfort, and safety, empowering you to explore the city at your own pace.

Temporary Mobility Needs

Whether recovering from an injury or surgery, our lightweight, folding wheelchairs provide a convenient and practical solution. We offer flexible rental options to cater to your specific recovery timeline.

Tourists and Visitors to Portsmouth

Experience the beauty and charm of Portsmouth without limitations. Rent a wheelchair from LendoCare and enjoy the convenience of hotel delivery and collection. Explore iconic landmarks, charming streets, and hidden gems at your own pace, creating lasting memories of your visit.

For some great wheelchair accessible tourism hotspots check out our guides below.

While accessibility is our core focus, we also strive to be a resource for our customers. We provide helpful guides on wheelchair-accessible tourism spots in Portsmouth, allowing you to plan your exploration with confidence.
Don't let mobility limitations restrict your experience of Portsmouth. Contact us today to discuss your individual needs and book your wheelchair rental. We're here to help you navigate Portsmouth with ease!

Book online or contact us if you have any questions. Please call us or email if there's anything else we can help you with.

Portsmouth guide

Your Portsmouth guide

Portsmouth is a city brimming with maritime heritage, cultural riches, and modern allure, making it a magnet for tourists from near and far. As the birthplace of the British Royal Navy, Portsmouth boasts a vast naval history all of which is showcased through iconic attractions like the HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, and the Mary Rose Museum. Beyond its maritime legacy, Portsmouth dazzles with its vibrant cultural scene, featuring world-class museums, galleries, and theatres that celebrate art, history, and performance. The city's scenic waterfront provides stunning al fresco dining and vibrant harborside activity, while its charming cafes, restaurants, and shops beckon visitors to explore and indulge. With its blend of seafaring tradition, breathtaking views, and diverse attractions, Portsmouth offers a truly unforgettable experience for tourists eager to discover the timeless charm and maritime splendour of this historic city.

Need some travel inspiration? Here are three reasons why Portsmouth needs to make your travel list:

  1. Isle of Wight Ferries - Portsmouth serves as a major gateway to the Isle of Wight, with regular ferry services operating between the city's port and the island. The ferry journey offers scenic views of the Solent and the coastline.
  2. Ben Ainslie Racing Headquarters - Portsmouth is home to the headquarters of Ben Ainslie Racing, a British sailing team led by Olympic gold medalist Sir Ben Ainslie. The team competes in prestigious sailing events around the world.
  3. Birthplace of Charles Dickens - Portsmouth is the birthplace of the renowned Victorian author Charles Dickens. The house where he was born, now known as the Charles Dickens Birthplace Museum, is open to visitors.
Portsmouth transport


There are two main train stations located in Portsmouth. These are Portsmouth Harbour and Portsmouth & Southsea.

Portsmouth First Buses have low floor access and a designated wheelchair space on board their buses. Wheelchair users will have priority to use this over prams, buggies, and standing passengers. Please visit the website for more information and routes.

Though there are not many options for taxis in Portsmouth you will still be able to book an accessible vehicle via Starline Minicabs should you need one. You can call 01243 531666 or visit http://www.starlineminicabs.co.uk/hire-our-fleet/disabled-access-vehicles/.

Portsmouth hotels


It's important to stay at a hotel that is fully accessible to your needs. We recommend you book at one of Portsmouth's many disability-friendly hotels. We have listed three top-notch hotels below that we think you'll love!

Portsmouth Mariott Hotel ⭑⭑⭑⭑ prices from £103* per night
This hotel has mobility accessible rooms including modified bathrooms to accommodate wheelchairs. The main entrance is accessible, as are the rooms, restaurants, and the fitness centre. To book and read more about the accessibility features of this hotel please visit the website. Alternatively, you can call +44 23-9238 3151 for more information.

Holiday Inn Express Portsmouth - North ⭑⭑⭑⭑ prices from £154* per night
Wheelchair users will find the main entrance accessible, as well as the restaurants and public toilets. There are three accessible rooms available to book, with one including a walk/roll-in shower. You can call 00800 80 80 0800 or visit the hotel's website for further details and to book.

Ibis Budget Portsmouth ⭑⭑⭑⭑ prices from £78* per night
The Ibis Budget is a great saver-option that doesn’t compromise on accessibility. It is accessible to wheelchair users and has six rooms designed specifically for guests with reduced mobility.
ou can book via the website or you can call 023 9273 6386 to find out if this option is right for you. Please note that the website does not show pictures of the accessible rooms.

*prices correct 13.03.24 on booking.com

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Why choose LendoCare?

Hire a wheelchair in Portsmouth - Mobility wherever you need it.

Looking for reliable and affordable wheelchair rentals in Portsmouth? At LendoCare, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and exploring your surroundings. That's why we offer flexible and convenient rental options to suit your needs, whether you require short-term assistance or a long-term solution.

Choose a rental period that matches your requirements, with no minimum duration. We cater to both short-term needs and extended rentals, ensuring you have the equipment you need for as long as necessary. Our user-friendly online booking system allows you to easily schedule your delivery at your convenience, guaranteeing your wheelchair is ready upon arrival. Uncertain about your rental timeframe? Simply leave the end date open and inform us when you're finished - no advance commitment required.

Convenient and Flexible Rental Options

Enjoy competitive rental rates starting at just £20 per week. This comprehensive fee includes both delivery and collection to any address or hotel within Portsmouth. We also offer nationwide delivery options for added convenience. Our well-maintained fleet of lightweight, foldable manual wheelchairs prioritizes comfort and ease of use. Enhance your experience further by adding optional accessories like leg raisers and pillows to your rental. Next-day delivery is available for £29.99 within Portsmouth. We also offer various delivery options to cater to your specific needs.

At LendoCare, affordability does not come at the expense of quality. We take pride in providing top-notch wheelchairs at unbeatable prices, ensuring mobility and freedom without financial strain. Our experienced team is readily available to answer any questions and offer expert assistance throughout your rental process.
Don't let mobility limitations restrict your exploration of Portsmouth. Partner with LendoCare to rediscover the joy of independence and experience the city with ease. Contact us today to discuss your individual needs and book your wheelchair rental!